Woodturners of south west florida
WSWF Members
This list of members of the WSWF  have agreed to allow this information to be posted.  Our privacy is important; some members may not wish to list specific information.  Please note that a photo gallery may be accessed for individual members if their name is listed in color. Additionally, links to Member website homepages may be listed on their individual page on this Club site.

Member   (click to view individual Member page if  listed in color) E-Mail Address       (click to send)         MEMBER  Individual Website Address
Alan Welch    (President) ralanwelch@hotmail.com

Phil Edilla      (Secretary) leakman@aol.com
John Gerald   (Director) gpi95@juno.com
Russ Rocksund (Web Site) russ337@embarqmail.com

Alvo, Daniel  alvo57@embarqmail.com
Baker, Rick  rick@hardwoodart.org
Bello, Dominick WoodArtbyDom@gmail.com
Belote, Robert  beloterobert96@gmail.com
Benton, Elizabeth  belleeklis@comcast.net
Christy, Roger christy4@comcast.net
Edilla, Phillip leakman@aol.com
Edner, Sheldon sheldonedner4368@hotmail.com
England, Dan dcengland@embarqmail.com
Ferreira, Ted tifer@aol.com
Gerald, John gpi95@juno.com
Graessie, Duke donnaduke@ameritech.net
Greenberg, Michael litmg@yahoo.com
Hains, Ted  tedhains@hotmail.com
Hall, Ray jeanhall1507@yahoo.com
Hunkins, Art artbonnet1@gmail.com
Kuper, Terry kupper2@hotmail.com
Lanagan, Walter welanagan@hotmail.com
Luttrell, Tom  tluttrell05@yahoo.com
McCree, Gene elm1014@aol.com
Meyer, Craig  
McKee, Ralph E. fourputtbuck@aol.com
Mikesh, Joseph C. pennymikesh@gmail.com
Milligan, Robert robert.milligan1931@gmail.com
Moran, Robert robertmoran@embarqmail.com
Payne, Joseph  
Pouliot, Ron ronald.pouliot@verizon.net
Ridge, Joseph R. ridges2@verizon.net
Robbins, Gerald (Gerry) putikbgr@gmail.com
Rocksund, Russell russ337@embarqmail.com
Rose, Richard  rsrosesr@hotmail.com
Rosenblum, Robert (Bob) rgrosenblum@gmail.com
Russell, Rod & Janet janetrodrussell@gmail.com
Schultz, Walt walcarg@gmail.com
Seguin, Ray rayoldfossil@aol.com
Shore, Earl el2shore@gmail.com
Wehner, Mark mawehner33@gmail.com
Welch, Richard Alan ralanwelch@hotmail.com
Williams, Jerry jerryowilliams@aol.com
Wolfson, Phil philwolfson@gmail.com
Wright, Howard T.,Jr. h.wrightjr@comcast.net
Morrison, Merrill alvahardwoods@aol.com                http://www.alva-hardwoods.com/
Morrison, Eva alvahardwoods@aol.com                http://www.alva-hardwoods.com/
Pendleton, Chris

Pendleton, Nat
Wahl, Dave

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