Woodturners of South West Florida
Highlights of April 2005 Meeting
  Demonstator - Sy Plonky - Wedding Goblet with captive rings
Sy Plonsky Wedding cup demo 1
Sy Plonsky starts hollowing the cup section
on the glued-to-faceplate cylinder of the wedding goblet.

roughed cylinder ready for ring work 
The cup portion has been turned & sanded,
and the cylinder has been rough cut
leaving 2 areas for captive rings to be cut.

cutiing the captive rings 1
Refining the edges of  the captive rings.

One down, one to go
A completed ring #1 is masking taped to the goblet section
to prevent damage while ring #2 is cut.
sanding the rings
A handy tip:
Sandpapaer is anchored to the goblet stem
 to enable sanding of the interior edges of the captive rings.

Final finish
Sy completes the final cuts to remove the goblet
in prepartion for reverse turning of the base.

A full house for Sy's presentation

April was another "full house" presentation!

Sy shows one of his works
Sy Plonsky with one of his elegant mahogany vase forms .

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